In 1988, The Tennessee Valley Pioneer Power Association was formed with the direct purpose of promoting the collection, restoration and display of antique agriculture equipment. Our club has presented The Annual Pioneer Days for over 20 years bringing together many people from different states who share a common interest in Antique Tractors, Engines, Lamnmowers, and countless other collectables.

  Today, as land is being sold and developed, these tractors and various implements are all that remain of most family farms. Each piece of equipment tells a rich story of agricultural history not only about our state, but also our country. They are the best examples of  American ingenuity that have withstood the test of time. 

  By encouraging preservation we hope younger generations will take notice and join in the fun. This new found hobby just might keep another farm off the auction block while preserving a way of life that is quickly fading.

  Our organization is honored to be among the many in our state and region that share the same objective. Our doors are open to everyone from those who show to those who pull. Your tractor can be  restored, a work in progress, or something you just pulled out of the fencerow. We also want to reach out to everyone who has something interesting in the shop to show off- be it a perfectly restored John Deere or an M Farmall with a Hemi engine.

  On behalf of our club we would like to wish everyone safe travels to all the shows and pulls throughout this year. If you have never been to a show we encourage you to check out your nearest venue. There are many organizations throughout the U.S. and you are guaranteed to see something new every time.

  Thank you for your support and we hope you will make the track to Eagleville in September and share your project with us.

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